How to Look Slimmer in Traditional Wear Saree | 7 Tips to Remember

Numerous pieces of traditional ethnic clothing, yet few can influence or further improve the figure, like the saree. This figure-embracing article of clothing gives inclusion while forming the body. It's the justification for why sarees keep on getting the recognition they do — past endless style, they additionally well by the ones who wear them.

Slimmer look in Saree

In any case, you can't simply put on a saree and anticipate moment results. The impression you give closely relates to how you style your outfit. Fortunately, Deshi Besh has gathered a few of these styling tips to assist you with putting your best self forward this coming Eid and each season to follow.

Tip 1. Color Matters

The first concern with your saree should be the color, which will straight impact your appearance. Few other fashion tips have become well known then that black is slimming. 

Black saree

Black isn't the only color you can look for. Any dark color, in general, is slandering, including rich violets, greens, deep blues, and reds. On the other hand, lighter hues like white show off all aspects of your sculpture and can make it more challenging to create slimming effects.

Tip 2. Materials Make the Fit

The fabric of your garment is another crucial factor when aspiring to create different effects through your attire, and it controls how the outfit molds to your body and how it looks in various lighting. A Floral Georgette saree is an example of one of our favorite slimming fabrics, georgette.

Silk Saree

Thin, lightweight textures, for example, silk, have a thinning impact as the material lays nearer to the body. Georgette is inclined to adhere near the body without the outrageous snugness of a few engineered strands. The normal crease of the texture likewise makes an exquisite wrap that proposes a thin casing.

Georgette Saree

In the case of the Floral Georgette saree, a floral pattern over the saree helps form the figure. The design running up the attire creates the image of length, which we will touch on later.

Tip 3. Draw Attention Where It Counts

All bodies are different and beautiful. However, sometimes we don't feel too confident to reveal all the parts of our body as we would like to. In this case, you can dress boldly and use diverse styles to draw the eye to the features you want to highlight.

Lycra Saree

For instance, a dark-colored saree would naturally draw attention to the midsection, thanks to the deepness of the hue. However, if you don't want the unexpected attention on your waist, you can wear a pair of statement heels, and these would inherently shape your legs to provide a different type of silhouette.

Tip 4. Vertical Over Horizontal

Vertical lines have a slimming influence on the torso. The lines of a garment, both in shape and detail, will inform people's perception of it. Thankfully, many sarees have elegant embroidery which can serve this exact purpose.

Half silk saree

To take advantage of this effect, look for a garment with a bottom or blouse that features embroidery that moves vertically. Scattered or elaborately detailed patterns may have a neutral effect, whereas horizontal patterns can make you look wider than you want.

Tip 5. The Perfect Drape

There are various ways to drape your saree. Considering the above tips, you can use the drapes to shape your figure.

Organza Saree

For example, a dark-hued pallu helps to keep the covered portions of the figure looking trim. Depending on your choice, you can use a pallu to hide or deftly reveal parts of your frame. You can leave it as a loose or pleated pallu while also drawing attention.

Tip 6. Choose a Thin Border

The border of a saree marks a point for designers to showcase their skill with elaborate embellishments. However, this border also has the job of rimming your body, and a thick saree border may make you appear heavier than you really are.

Thin border saree

To avoid this, find a saree with a thin or medium-thick border, and it will result in a closer, more representative fit of your body.

Tip 7. Don't Hide- Define Your Shape

Many take slimming fashion to be a method of hiding the body when the exact opposite is the true fact. Slimming fashion should provide a more stylized sculpture instead of hiding you behind shapeless garments. You can use a variety of ways to define the shape of your body.

Art Silk Saree

The first is the nature of your saree drape and pleats. Pinning it in a particular way can draw attention in a positive way.

Belted Saree drape

Many sarees also have belted waists. A belt can add more definition to your frame and highlight the slimmest part of your torso. Depending on where the belt is, you can control the impression your figure gives. For example, a well-placed belt can offer the presentation of a classic hourglass figure.

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