Latest Saree Trends That Girls Are Obsessed With

Girls are currently obsessing over sarees. The festive season is up and coming has something to do with it. So, here we are with our trend-spotting glasses to only focus our eyes on the fashion weeks, glossy mags to explore the garden-fresh trends. Of all the ethnic trends, the saree is unconditionally favorite. We girls love how we can twirl and drape one around us on occasions so that we can manage to put together an effortless look.

Various Saree Drape

What makes a saree beautiful is that you can wear it just as you enjoy. At least today's trends affirm that you can ditch the old norms and make them your own. While the classic sarees will always remain a universal favorite, young girls are fascinated with the latest trends burning the ramp. You can even take a silk saree from your mother's wardrobe and wear it with Sharara Style pants. And if you are scared of the pleats and pallus, like me, you can wear a pre-draped one and forget all about the pleating all over you.

Draping Styles 

We know you have tried different styles, such as the Nivi style or the Gujarati drapes. However, now there are so many different styles of sarees to explore. You can get inspiration from celebrities who now try various draping styles of their sarees for parties or casual looks. Get some intense draping forms from the internet and watch your saree and yourself getting transformed for good. The best way to try new styles is by ditching the dresses and pairing your saree with jeans/palazzos/wide-legged pants/skirts. You can also play with the pallu to add the right amount of glam to your look.

Saree Drape Styles

The Fringe Style in Saree 

Fringes make your saree oomphy! We usually notice ruffles on our western dresses or tops, but now you can add the same on your pallus. Yes, buy one which has fringed edges or pallu. You can wear it with an off-shoulder blouse for a modernized appearance, and this will add a whole new twist to your saree. Designers add the same to the sarees, completely changing the saree's look.

Frienged Saree Style

The Saree with the Kimono Blouse

You'll agree to this one; a correct blouse can make or break a saree look. So, why opt for boring blouse designs when you can try brand new styles? The kimono style is the latest to join the fashionable blouse brigade. Have you ever looked at a kimono and wondered whether you can pair it with your saree? Well, if you haven't got enough time to change your conception. Kimonos come with short or wide sleeves tied with a sash below your bust line. Try it out with a Muslin saree at your friend's wedding function to make it a stylish outing.

 Saree with Kimono Blouse

Replace The Petticoat with a Dhoti

No longer trolling shops for matching Petticoats; you can give them a break with a Salwar or Dhoti style pants. This is not for the faint-hearted, but you'll be left behind in the fashion world if you don't try this trend out. The drape is ultra-cool and lends an extra funky vibe to your saree. Remember to add a stylish crop top to this look, and you are set to score additional points for the final touch. Your stilettos and clutch will add the chef's kiss. 

 Dhoti Style Saree

The Infinity Scarf Pallu Drape 

Have you tried this sleek model-looking one out yet? This one may look complicated to you but is pretty effortless to carry. In this draping style, you don't pin the pallu over your shoulder but drape it around your neck like a muffler/scarf. If it's hard to hold it all together, cinch it up with a belt, this will give it a more balloon-ish and easy-to-carry effect.

 Scarf Pallu drape

Saree with Denim

Count me right in if you think you belong to the distressed denim club. Sometimes we love the denim trend so much that we love to have it on our saree. We know you find that a little too hard to believe. But yes, it is true, denim saree is a severe trend, and if you want to add other forms of adding the denim trend to your saree, then pair your saree with your jeans. You can add your favorite shirt or crop top to this incredible cocktail. Drape it so that your pallu is pinned correctly on your shoulder, and your jean-clad leg gets to peep out stylishly from the saree folds.

 Denim with Saree

Ruffled Pallu 

There was a ruffle work on your top; you may have a ruffled blouse and now ruffles on your saree. Search for sarees online, and you will find your perfect ruffle saree. The ruffles are usually on your saree pallu, and believe it or not; currently, this is one of the best statement-making saree trends in the fashion world. 

Ruffle work in Saree

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