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The traditional red lehenga with charming gold embellishments and matching veils that reach the floor still prevails. Not necessarily all brides will choose to wear similar outfits or accessories for the same reasons, and that's fine! What matters most is that she's confident and happy. 

Lehenga Suit

By wearing different colored Sindoor (bright-red dye traditionally worn in the hair by married women in India) and different colors on their wedding day, wearing red during the ceremony can honor both tradition and a bride's essence and unique sense of style. 

Bridal Saree

Many Indian brides choose to wear different tints while picking wedding attire and jewelry, each color symbolizing various meanings in India's many cultural contexts. So what colors are being worn by the trendy brides today?

Golden Outfits for Brides

Often used as a signifier of wealth, extravagance, and superbness, it can likewise be stunning and make the lady the focal point of the wedding as she should be. It's one of the biggest reasons red lehengas are covered in designs lined with gold; it represents prosperity for the bride and the new family she is to start after her marriage.

Golden Lehenga

There is nothing wrong if you tend to go for an all-golden look with the lehenga, and it would look incredibly well with Kundan jewelry, a set of necklaces, and earrings that the bride should wear when she wants to glisten on the stage at the wedding function.

Kundan Necklace

For men at weddings, a Light Blue Sherwani with Gold Jacquard work is a fabulous festive outfit that uses subtle gold accents and matching buttons for a pop of color. Women can opt to don a Sky Blue and Gold Embroidered Anarkali.

sky Blue Sherwani

Outfits in Peach Pink Hue

Lately, many trend-lover brides have been looking for a styling method to keep the classic red and blend it with some pastel by wearing shades of pink. From hot to pastel pink, Indian women are starting to embrace wearing these soft colors at weddings! 

Pink Lehenga Choli

Our Pink and Golden Gota, Dori, and Zarkan work Lehenga is a perfect example of pink bridal attire. It's an elegant take on the classic lehenga style that features another timeless wedding color — golden.

Peach Pink Lehenga Choli

Even better is that the color combo is good for the bride and the perfect hue for the bridesmaid and grooms to explore. Depending on how much a couple wants to stray or stick to traditional wedding trends comes down to the shade of pink you want to go for. 

Pastel Outfit Ideas for Brides

Pastels are soft, warm, and fuzzy and have quickly become a favorite amongst brides recently. After Indian Celebrity Anushka Sharma wore a pink pastel wedding dress at her wedding to Virat Kohli, the wedding trends rapidly began to change.

Pastel Lehenga Choli

Any pastel color has since been particularly trendy and will continue to be as it just looks too good! Sharma's lehenga has been created, bought, and worn by many Indian brides for its soft feel and minimalistic aesthetic. 

Pastel Anarkali

A pastel red or an orange can still stick to tradition but bring a little softness to the blushing bride-to-be's attire.

Ivory-Hued Outfits for Brides

Typically, white is kept away from Indian brides as sometimes this is the shade of mourning. Be that as it may, with the West affecting Indian culture increasingly more today, numerous brides are picking colors dependent more upon their desires instead of on continuous traditions. Many do incline towards a creamier white than simply unmistakable whiteness. Even Indian celeb Alia Bhatt wore an Ivory Organza Saree in her wedding ceremony with Ranbir Kapoor.

Ivory Muslin Saree

An Ivory lehenga or a salwar kameez are often embellished with golden embellishments and exquisite threaded, stone, and mirror designs. Brides can explore styling and look with multiple shades of ivory that honestly picture who they are. Try the Off White Pink Dori, Thread, Swarovski, Zarkan, and Zari work Organza Lehenga for a twist on traditional white garments.

Ivory hued bridal Lehenga

Emerald Green Outfits for Brides

As one of the more well-known colors for Indian ladies, India's sovereignty has generally utilized the variety to represent ripeness and development. A green sari or salwar kameez matched with the best gold or red gems that one has will make the lady radiate on her big day. Match these frills with our Light Green Embroidered Satin Anarkali for an intense look.

Green bridal Outfit ideas

Many grooms even select to level up their wedding outfit game by wearing green, assuming the star of the night, the bride, decides to wear the customary red on her big day. Numerous celebs have been wearing emerald shades, which are amazingly lively and striking at any scene. Our deep Green Art Silk Sherwani with Satin Lining, Jacquard Work, and Matching Buttons is excellent if you're the man of the night preparing for your wedding.

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