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When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, only a few outfits can beat the style and grace of a comfortable Salwar Suit. Women of all ages love wearing Salwar Suits to occasional parties, work, wedding functions, and daily wear. A regular Salwar Suit, also known as Salwar Kameez, will have a Kameez of a certain length paired with a bottom Salwar or pants in a loose or close-fitting style and a Dupatta. It's undoubtedly one of the most flexible and attractive ethnic attire for years for women of all ages and body types.

Salwar Suit Styles 2022

The vogue of Indian Salwar Kameezes/Suits originates from their continual evolution in designs, cuts, and styles ever since they were worn. There are many Salwar Suit designs to select from, so you'll be able to find something for you, no matter what age group or body type you belong to or whatever your test is like. And of course for any occasion. Only a few other Indian ensembles come close to fitting these features.

The 7 Styles You Ought to Have in Your Closet

You will find many beautiful designer Salwar Kameezes are available on the market. If you're seeking one for yourself or gifting it to someone, you are in the right place. The most well-known Indian Branded Salwar Suit styles come in various fabrics, colors, and sizes. Here are seven of the most popular designs to choose from this year:

Salwar Suit designs

Anarkali Suit Style- The Royal Ensemble

Anarkali Suits are stylish and sleek that make you look gorgeous with their flowy and flared forms. Modern-day Anarkali suits are available in styles varying from dramatic to chic, timid to bold. The color range and fabrics used to make them give you a broader spectrum of styles and combinations. 

Anarkali Suits

This trendy yet traditional outfit silhouette is utterly feminine and flatters all kinds of body shapes with its flowy style. It is usually a frock-style knee-lengthed or floor-touch Kurti with a form-fitting bodice up to the waist and a pleated or flared skirt underneath. The Churidar style pants (a slim-fit salwar) balance out the Anarkalis extended form.

The Trendy Palazzo Pant Style

You will talk about the trendy Salwar Suit designs, and missing out on the Palazzo Suits is impossible. Nowadays, Palazzo Style Salwar Suit is trending on top when choosing perfect party wear. The fashion brands are also taking this fashion to a higher level. It's always about comfort with elegance when it is about Suits, and a Palazzo suit can give you the most flexibility. 

Palazzo Style Suit

This top fashion fusion offers the best of both worlds, the trendy and traditional. It's a form of Salwar Suit design where classic Indian styling meets bold western fashion. The straight-cut Kameez paired with wide flared women's trousers creates an airy and trendy style. This style seems to be a good fit for delicate women, and those with tall stature seem to be even more elevated and sleeker. Everyone, including celebs, deviates toward Palazzo suits- a perfect casual and formal attire for girls who work outside.

Palazzo Suit

The Smart Ladies- Long & Straight Cut Suits 

This most popular Salwar Suit style is the model of minimalism and simplicity, making straight-cut suits the leading daily and formal wear. These suits have Trouser or Churidar style bottoms paired with straight-cut, body-fitting long Kameez, and the design exudes elegance sprinkled with the right amount of glam. 

Straight cut long Salwar Suit

The Punjabi/Patiala Style Suit- Fest Vibe

Punjabi suits or the traditional Patiala style Salwar Kameezes are simple, graceful, and flatter all body types with a funky festive vibe. Punjabi women( Women from Punjab, India) claim this outstanding comfort wear. Typically, these suits include shorter Kurtas, usually over the knees, in various fabrics. The pleated flowy Salwar adds dramatic grace to the attire. From chic to edgy, bold to timid, you can find stylish Punjabi or Patiala suits for every occasion. Festive, formal, or traditional. While there are various styles in Salwar, the latest ones include the Dhoti style and the Patiala pant style.

Patiala Style Salwar Suit

The Retro Vogue with Sharara Suits

Sharara suits are often misunderstood as Palazzo suits, but the former has a distinct feature differentiating them from Palazzo pants. Its wider leg span makes it look like a skirt yanked in at the waistline with a drawstring. The Sharara suit is typically paired with a knee-length or short Kameez, and the entire outfit screams a retro vibe. Sharara suits are perfect for all occasional parties in every season, and their voluminous profile looks incredibly flattering on women with a slender build. 

Sharara Style Suit

Churidar Style Salwar Suit- Old Is Gold

The Churidar style Kameez needs no introduction, and it has been the good-to-go attire for many Indian women for decades. It persists to be a widely preferred Salwar suit style and is second in line only to Anarkali suits and Salwar Kameez. This attire includes a Churidar( a slim-fitting, legging-like bottom) that presents the wearer with a slimmer and more elevated look while emphasizing their natural curves. The Kurti worm with the Churidar can be short that does not fall below knee length or can be an extended straight cut Kameez.

Churidar Salwar Suit

Lehenga Style Suit- The Glam in Salwar Suit

Though Lehenga is already a trendy outfit, fashion designers are still not convinced and trying their best to make it unique. Why do you need to wear a Lehenga only with a Choli (Blouse) when you can pair it up with a Kameez? Some Lehenga Suits with Anarkalis.

Lehenga Suit Style

It is an Anarkali Suit that has a Lehenga vibe in it. It's just the top Kameez in Anarkali style, and the bottom is a Skirt or Lehenga instead of Salwar. This offbeat style got too much love from the beautiful ladies that fashion brands are coming up with this style repeatedly. 

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