Tips And Tricks for a Slimmer Appearance in a Saree

Saree is traditional attire that never gets old, and instead, this trend is getting hotter and hotter every day. Every woman likes to wear a saree for once at least, and a saree can make or break the look if not worn properly. We are sure you don't want to look extra bulky if you are already on the heavier side. Here we have some life-changing hacks, more likely to say, your look changing hacks that will give you a slimmer look with a saree. 

Saree for a Slimmer Appearance

Tips And Tricks To Look Slim In Saree 

We know draping a saree is difficult, but what more difficult is wearing it with grace. Here are some essential things to consider to look slimmer in a saree. The fast and foremost tip to look slimmer in a saree is to choose the suitable fabric. Try not to pick a saree that is stiff and hard to manage. If you are a little heavy and don't want to look plumper, the next trick will be finding a lighter print and embellishments on the saree. It may show off your bulkiness more. Pleats look good, but excess pleats can add unwanted volume to your shape. If you don't want your flabby arms to get all the attention, try to wear a long-sleeved blouse that gives you a slimmer appearance. 


Georgette Saree

Choose The Suitable Fabric for Your Saree

Saree looks good on every woman, but a wrong choice of saree can knock down your grace and glam. Choosing the suitable fabric can bring up your elegance. Don't ever think you can't rock a saree look if you are on the heavy side. You deserve to look like a Diva, just like the TV actresses. You need to opt for lighter fabrics like Net, Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe, a more lightweight blend of silk, etc. Basically, these fabrics will hug your body perfectly and enhance your curves. It would be better to avoid wide bordered saree, as it is only gonna make you look bulky. 

Ariya Designs Saree

Prints And Colors | Guides To A Slimmer Look

We all love prints and embroideries, don't we? It's not necessary to give up on patterns. You can still rock the smaller images and embroideries, giving your figure a slimmer and taller outlook. 

MN Sarees

Talking about colors, be wise while it's about colors. Select some darker colors like Black, deeper shades of Gray, Blue, etc. If you are not confident enough about Black and gray, go for bolder colors like Red, Marron, Navy Blue, Green, etc. These colors might give a slimmer illusion to the viewers. 

Blue Saree Ideas

Saree Drape | Tricks To Be Slimmer 

Are you lacking the confidence to wear a saree? Are you afraid that your chubby stomach or flabby arms will be the center of attention? Don't worry, all the pretty ladies out there. 

You can try out Loose Pallu Drape. It will help not highlight your upper torso by leaving the Pallu falling loose. 

Different Saree Drapes

A mermaid Drape will be the easiest way of drawing attention to the bottom part of your body from the midriff and stomach. 

Different Saree Drapes

You can add an additional drape on the left shoulder to divide your torso into three different segments, giving your figure a balanced look.           

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