The Wedding Gala Twilight | Wedding Episode-3

Weddings are the most memorable day in everyone’s life. It is the starting of a new life, experience, a new road to walk together. This new journey is colorful and sparkling, the same as the wedding outfits.

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Nowadays, brides are getting more and more trendy. So they prefer wearing various vigorous suits like- Lehenga, Anarkali, Lehenga style Salwar Suit, Sharara, etc. 

Traditional | Red Banarasi is What You Need

When we say wedding, an image of a bride wearing a red Banarasi pops up in our mind. We saw our mother’s wedding photographs where they are wearing gorgeous red Banarasi saree and looking fabulous. Red is a color of love, extremeness, and energy. As red is a striking color, it gets the focus of every person, and that’s what a bride wants on her wedding day. Wearing a Banarasi saree is a part of the traditional wedding in Bangladesh. To be a little different, brides nowadays wear slightly different shades of red, contrast with another color, mixed with golden or silver paint for some sparkling look. 

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Wear Traditional - look Trendy 

Being trendy is all that matters now. If one is not capable of being stylish is considered backdated. Same for the brides-to-be. In every season, trends for wedding dresses are changing. Now brides are not bounding themselves to wear red. Rather than red, they choose light colors such as pale pink, peach, sky blue, etc., to look fresh and soothing. Some brides also select bright, eye-catching colors like violet, hot pink, maroon, royal blue, etc., to look more dazzling and vibrant. Brides also wear different material sarees for their wedding like Jamdani, kanji Varam, Katan, etc., to express themselves in a more classy and trendy way. Comfortable wearing is another salient preference for brides these days. Brides prefer sarees that are lightweight and breathable.

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A Trendy look with Lehenga 

If you will be a bride this year, let me ask you what is the trend of wedding dresses for brides these recent years? Yes, if you are thinking of Lehenga, then you are absolutely on track. Recently Lehenga is trending for wedding seasons, not only for the wedding day but also for other wedding functions. Whether it is Haldi, Mehendi or Reception girls are going crazy about Lehenga. Various designs and colors are making the Lehenga more desirable. 

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Bridal Lehenga

To show your grace and glam on your wedding night, a Lehenga with gorgeous and heavy embroidery is best. A dazzling Red or Maroon color will make you look like a queen, and will give a royal look. To look a little unique, you may choose a different color for your Dupatta. The blouse can be made in a different style, according to your test and preference. 

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Kameez Style Lehenga

The girls who don’t like common things, always look for a different style to look unique. Surprisingly, this Kameez-style Lehenga is for you girls. Wearing a Kameez with Lehenga is wholesome of uniqueness and coolness in itself. It is also a little conservative, which will help the girls who don’t feel comfortable to show their body structure but want something special for their wedding.

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Floral and Katan Lehenga

Only talking about the bride? What to wear if you are the sister of the bride or groom? You also can wear a Lehenga to make yourself look pretty and exclusive. Select a light pink floral Lehenga to look like a little princess or you can try out a full white Lehenga to convey your freshness and simplicity.   

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Anarkali is Back in Trend 

Want to show your personality through your outfit? Desire a comeback of your favorite fashion? Love to wear Anarkali in your wedding functions but worried it would look old-fashioned? No worries brides to be, your Anarkali is making a comeback. Heavy embroidery work, georgette suits, and net Anarkali will look phenomenal on your wedding functions like Engagement, Mehendi. Anarkali can be your wedding suit if you are having a simple wedding with your beloved family and friends. Choose a bright or light color according to your test and preference. If wearing a light Anarkali, adding a heavy necklace will balance the look.<img src="" alt="Bridal Anarkali Collection">

While talking about fashion, we always consider women, but to remember, men are also included in the fashion world. We always think about what the bride-to-be is going to wear for her wedding functions, but today is for only the gentlemen. Men’s fashion sense is changing by the day. We are here to give you a guideline on what to wear for your wedding functions like Engagement, Haldi, wedding, and Reception. 

At a wedding, there are a lot of functions. That means you can show your personality in different ways in every function. 

Groom Gaze for Wedd

Well, what do you think? I am talking about so many things for the bride. Have I forgotten about the groom? Hahaha... Not at all. Here comes the groom's blast for the wedding!

Engagement | Keep It Simple

Going to be engaged? Confused about what style will express your fashion sense? Well, then, allow me to suggest you a classy idea. Try to be as simple as possible on your engagement day. You have a lot more functions to show your charm. You can wear a complete suit with a bow tie and pocket square. Your suit color can be matched with your bride's outfit if you want to follow the trend. You also can wear a kurta Punjabi with a prince coat to have a fresh look.   

Haldi | A Casual Punjabi Look Will Slay

Talking about the Haldi program and not about yellow, is impossible. Keep a Yellow Panjabi for your Haldi. The shade of yellow can vary depending on which time the program is happening. For sure, a light yellow or lemon yellow will give a fresh look in the daytime. At night time you can wear a bright yellow or mustard yellow colored Punjabi. It will make you glow in the night lights.

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Be A Royal Groom 

It’s time to show your royalty, charm, and your true personality. It’s finally your wedding day, time for being under the spotlight. Hence, wearing Sherwani suits is trending and it is also traditional. Golden, Brown, Chocolate color Sherwanis are always the first choice of all grooms. White or golden combined with red color Sherwani is always at the top of the preference list. 

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If you are looking for a different color for your wedding outfit, you can try a Blue, Black, Gray, or even Green Sherwani to create a classy look. These colors are also trending nowadays. You can also use a Dupatta with your Sherwani to create a royal look. 

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Be A Gentleman in Formal Attire 

Well, for your reception program choose a formal look. So, you can wear a complete suit with a tie and add a coat pin to give the outfit a little sparkle. Match it up with a pair of shiny, polished black shoes. It will give you a statement look. 

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