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It's time for some fashion fusion. Get your hands on your wardrobe and pick out your fav crop top. That might sounds easy. How would it be if we told you to pair it with any ethnic wear? Traditional clothing has been a part of fashion for ages now. The classic Indian outfits are commonly made of cotton or silk, which gives them an airy elegance. However, fashion constantly changes, so it is no surprise that Indian ethnic clothes also change over time. The ever-evolving techniques make traditional Indian wear more appealing not only to Indian beauties but also to women around the world.

Crop top with ethnic wear

The cropped style top is a trendy vogue of fashionable wear from western culture for maximum girls these recent years. It has been trending for many years, but it was not until the 90's that this fashion item became admiringly famous among the fashionistas. The best part of these crop tops is that you don't necessarily have to spend money or time extensively finding something suitable to wear them with. It goes perfectly well with both the western and ethnic outfits creating an Indo-western fashion. All you need to do is be a little creative and get inspiration. Here are some tips on pairing the crop top with your favorite piece of ethnic bottom.

Cropped Style Top With a Palazzo Pants 

Palazzo pants with crop tops are funky, airy, and adorable. You could dress up or down with different palazzo bottoms. The easiest way to create the most of your embellished palazzo pants is by pairing them with a regular plain or a printed crop top. You can wear a heavy silk palazzo bottom with a simple crop top for an evening date, and it can give you that extra edge over others. A silk palazzo and crop top combination is an excellent choice if you go to an office party, and it will give you a classy and chic look at the same time. The palazzo with crop-top attire goes great paired back some simple accessories like earrings, chains, bracelets, etc.

Crop Top with Palazzo pants

Cropped Top With a Lehenga or Skirt

Today lehengas can be found in every woman's wardrobe. Isn't it? It is a versatile bottom type that you can carry with any top like Choli, Kameez, or Shirt to suit your personality. Some of the styles are very traditional, while others are modernized versions of this timeless attire. The Lehenga style has become more common after western fashion influenced them. A modern crop top paired with the traditional lehengas will give a gorgeous chic look. You can wear this fit on almost every occasion, such as weddings or festivities like Eid, Puja, Diwali, or Holi. 

Crop Top with Lehenga/Skirt

The lehenga skirt embodies trendy and classic styles of Indian fashion. It comes in many different types that include:

Paneled Skirt: If you are a lover of texture, pairing your crop top with a paneled skirt is a good choice because the horizontal fabric panels will give it more volume and texture with much effort. 

The Mermaid Lehenga: When matched with a tank top, a mermaid-style lehenga skirt gives a complimenting fit to the individual wearing it while making them look unique.

Trail: A trail lehenga is a suitable decision to match with a crop top while celebrating extraordinary events, for example, an engagement party. It gives a western wedding outfit substance however keeps up with fundamental Indian attributes.

Pair Your Trendy Crop Top With a Traditional Saree

Have a go at wearing sarees with tank tops, assuming you are searching for something other than what's expected from what we examined up to this point. By matching the conventional Indian saree with a jazzy tank top, get that exquisite look. With this clothing, you can remain agreeable and look trendy. Truth be told, you will see that max Bollywood celebs wear a crop top with a saree rather than the standard pullover. The tank top gives you a perfect look without uncovering your stomach. So no more stressing over having the ideal matching shirt for each saree. Simply keep the essential variety of crop tops, and you'd be prepared for an extraordinary occasion in no time.

Crop Top with Saree

Duo Up with a Dhoti Bottom

When an image of manliness and male-controlled society in Indian culture, Dhoti pants are turning out to be more famous for ladies. The conventional dhoti is produced using cotton texture just, yet today you can find them with silk or other delicate materials that make it much more straightforward to wear the piece of clothing both by people the same. Assuming you have your own Dhoti Pants set, why not take a shot at matching them with some popular crop tops?

Crop Top with Dhoti pants

This would emit an incredibly casual look, fabulous if simply relaxing around on a flexible trip or a less easygoing celebration or occasion. Merely guarantee you pick the right tones and remember a couple of jutties and a stunning neckpiece for a more significant event.

That wraps up the various ways of wearing a crop top and ethnic wear. There are numerous ways of wearing this style, so it's no big surprise crop tops are a hit on fashioner runways and the streets. The pieces referenced are necessary for your storage room since the mix of modern and conventional styles works admirably.

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