Pakistani Original Custom Tailoring Dress from Deshi Besh

It is not a new thing nowadays to shop online. After the pandemic started, it's been a new normal to enjoy shopping online. There are thousands of shops that give you the best quality dresses. You may ask what Deshi Besh has that others don't. Here comes the specialty of Deshi Besh. You might not find an online shop that provides you with a custom tailoring service for free. You get the product that you saw online. Yes, Deshi Besh, the online shop in the USA, has this benefit when you purchase from them. Let's know more about it and see some dresses where you get them custom-tailored.

 Pakistani Dress

You may think Deshi Besh gets the dresses from the original brands the way you get them. However, there is always something behind what you see. Deshi Besh doesn't get those dresses the same as the model pictures. The accessories like tassels and hanging pearls don't come with the dresses from the brand. Those are only for the model picture. We always try to give you the clothing that you select to buy.

Tassel Work

And that's why Deshi Besh came up with a team of outstanding tailors who work hard to make branded dresses the same as the model picture. They recreate those accessories from the model picture by hand and add them to your desired item. 

 Tassel work

Here are some of the original Pakistani branded dresses with custom tailoring accessories. Let's have a look at those for a better understanding.

Embroidered Marina Ikkat Winter Dress- Pakistani Dress from Charizma

Who doesn't want to add a Pakistani Salwar Suit to their closet? Look at this pretty Salwar Kameez from the brand Charizma from Pakistan. The Marina Ikkat fabric top Kameez, Trouser, will be too comfy for carrying all day at work and parties this winter.

Charizma Dress

Besides, the Pashmina Shawl Dupatta will look heavenly gorgeous, and it will feel warm in chilly weather. However, take a close look at those little details on the border of the Dupatta and sleeves. You will get them in the dress the same as the model picture. 

 Custom Tailored dress

Anaya Naaz Pakistani Luxury Chiffon Dress

The fashion freak girls and Pakistani fashion lovers must have heard of this fashion brand. Right? The Embroidered Luxury Pakistani Chiffon Dress from the brand Anaya is so pretty and elegant that you will fall for it once you see it. The Embroidered Chiffon Front and Back with Embroidered Chiffon Sleeves with Screen printed Neckline will add more elegance to the dress. The Embroidered Net Dupatta with Digital Printed Dupatta Pallu and Screen Printed Dupatta Chatta Patti will add extra glam to the dress. 

 Pakistani Original Dress

The dress more attractive to the buyers are those dangling accessories on the Dupatta and the sleeves. You will have them when you order the dress because Deshi Besh's tailors will add them exclusively for you. 

 Original Pakistani Suits

Khoobsurat Aanchal Embroidered Pakistani Lawn Dress

The detailed works of the embroideries on the Lawn and the Embroidered Lawn Sleeves are super elegant that you won't be able to overlook them. Besides, You will have a dramatic appearance with the floral embroidered Chiffon Dupatta. You will notice another little detail on the whole outfit.

Custom Tailored Pakistani Dress

Those hanging pearls, Tassel work on the bottom of the Kameez and at both ends of the Dupatta will be given with dress. These are making the dress more sparkling and fun. You will be killing every party looks in these Pakistani Lawn Suits. 

 Custom Tailored Pakistani Dress

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