New Bridal Fashion Trends for a Funky Bride

If you are a bride-to-be this year or just like to know about fashion trends, you must know about the bridal trends in 2021. Though the wedding ceremonies have been shrunk, the brides are not compromising their looks. Maximum spending is going behind the brides' makeover instead of guests and venue. This year brides tend to get the best in everything; outfit, makeup, and hairdo. Let's have a look at what's trending this year. 

New Bridal Fashion Trends

Bridal Fashion Trends- Wedding Dress

Brides are modern these days, opting for new styles and designs, ditching the traditional outfits. Lehenga Choli is trending the most if you see the real bride examples. 

New Bridal Fashion Trends

Contrast Color Lehenga Choli

This year, contrasted color Dupatta will be trending with Lehenga. You will find Lehenga sets having the same color Blouse and bottom Skirt, but the Dupatta is in a different color. Brides are even carrying two Dupattas to have that color combination. Color variation is good for adding a bit of dimension to your outlook. 

New Bridal Fashion Trends

Pastel Bridal Wear Lehenga Choli

Bridal fashion has changed its style so many times in these recent years, and it has changed its form in designs, cuts, colors, etc. This time, do you want to know how it feels to ditch all the traditional colors? Shades like Red, Marron, Hot Pink will not vibe as much as the Pastel, and light colors will tag into girls' hearts. 

New Bridal Fashion Trends

Lehenga with Sequence Work

This year, the sequence worked outfits are getting attention. Same for the bridal wear. Brides who have outside weddings pick this kind of all-over sequence work Lehenga. As the Lehengas have more flares and bounce, they look funky and fun. The brides who love glimmer and dazzle will surely fall for this type of Lehenga.

Lehenga Choli

Wedding Outfit | A Kameez Style Lehenga Is Royal

A wedding ceremony is a function to bring out the Royal essence. A Kameez Style Lehenga can give you a Royal vibe like the Mughal era. Bright colors, rich embroidery, and embellishments can give a proper glam and glow. A set of heavy Pearl jewelry can enhance royalty and beauty. If the Top Kameez is a bit light, the bottom skirt can be heavily worked with handwork and sequence embroidery to balance the overall look.

Lehenga Suit

Kameez Style Lehenga Suit- Aashirwad Sayuri

Look at this heartwarming Kameez Style Lehenga Suit in Baby Pink hue. The Suit will be a perfect pick for the engagement party, and it will look fresh, soothing, and elegant at a time. Those heavy Embroideries, Thread, Sequence, and Mirror work on Georgette Top Kameez, Lehenga, and Chinon Dupatta will be an overwhelming look for you.

Lehenga Suit


Saree with Belt

Girls who love Saree and want a stylish look at their wedding must try the Saree with a waist-belt. The belt is not like a leather belt, and it is a Jewelry piece. A waist-belt over Saree will give you a dramatic vibe.

Saree Drape Style 

Bridal Fashion Trends- Bridal Makeup And Jewelry

You can't be a trendy bride until you do your makeup. Makeup is also changing its form over time. Girls used to do heavy makeup years ago, and now, a no-makeup look is being appreciated. Brides are having a nude makeover for their wedding day. 

Bridal Jewelry

In the meantime, brides are hyping for heavy jewelry. Kundan, Pearl, Diamond Cut jewels are trending the most this year. Crystal and Stone ornaments are also getting attention. If you are planning for gold sets, you can't go wrong with that. However, Silver ornaments are also in the brides' good book. 

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