Men's Fashion with Stylish Punjabi and Sherwani | Eid Special Swing

There is a misconception that all the fashion guides are for girls only. It is not true indeed. Every man in the world deserves to be good-looking and fashionable. For that, you certainly need a proper fashion guideline. For instance, what color to choose at which time, which style matches which event, etc. Punjabi used to be a famous men's wear in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. However, men worldwide now opt for Punjabi and Sherwani to attend several occasional parties like the upcoming Eid festive. Currently, boys prefer to pick their outfits according to time and season. Let's briefly glimpse some Punjabi and Sherwani ideas for different occasions.

Punjabi and Sherwani Collection

Daytime Party- Keep It Simple

Punjabi is the most vibrant and appealing suit for men, and men with Punjabi look more attractive and solid. To be sure, Punjabi goes in every manner, and nothing can beat its attractiveness.

Punjabi Ideas

Attending a morning get-together with friends? Confused about what style will express your fashion sense? Try to be as simple as possible at your daytime parties. You have a lot more functions all day to show off your charm. You can wear a Cotton Punjabi with a prince coat to have a fresh look. It will be super comfortable yet has a very subtle look to match the morning freshness.

Punjabi with Waistcoat

Eid Party Vibe with Jacquard Kurta Pajama

Eid is an Occasion where girls, boys, kids, basically, people of every age group enjoy without any barriers. Where girls have hundreds of styling options, Kurta, Punjabi is the best outfit for boys to wear on Eid. A stunning Jacquard Kurta Pajama Set can be suitable for Eid parties, where the Silk Kurta having heavy embroidery work will look incredible on you at night parties.

Kurta Pajama Set

For the first Eid prayer in the morning, Cotton Panjabi will be an ideal choice. Light color Panjabi can be your most preferred one, and it will be soothing and fresh for the morning.

Partywear Kurta Set

Block Print Punjabi for Eid Outing

While talking about celebrations, you can't forget about Eid. Eid is a grand festival usually in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and boys normally love to wear Punjabi on this occasion. Block Printed Panjabi can be your first choice for this year's Eid. It will be a classy and fun look, and it is possible to wear in the evening time outings with your loved ones. 

Block Printed Punjabi

Printed Punjabi for Eid

What can be your night party outfit for Eid? A designer Panjabi can be your priority again. A mixed Cotton Panjabi with embroidery work will be perfect for the nighttime celebration vibe, whether it's a family gathering or friends outing. The embroidery works on the collar, and cuff will add a little fiesta vibe to your whole outlook. Moreover, you can opt for a monotone or printed one according to your test and liking. A vast option is open for you. 

Mixed Cotton Punjabi Ideas

Bring Out the Royalty in Sherwani

It is the time to show your royalty, charm, and an authentic party vibe. It's finally the right time of the day to be in the party mood, time for being under the spotlight. Nowadays, there are lots of grand parties that happen for Eid. Wearing Sherwani suits is what you need for those bashes, and it gives a trendy and traditional appearance.

Partywear Sherwani Suits

Golden, Brown, Chocolate color Sherwani suits are always the first choice of all men. White or golden combined with red Sherwani is always at the top of the preference list as the colors give off the majestic vibe. 

Sherwani Designs for Eid

Partywear Sherwani ideas

If you are looking for a different pop of color for your Eid fest attire, you can opt for a Blue, Black, Gray, or even a Green Sherwani to create a classy and funky look. These colors are in trend these days. You can also use a Dupatta or shawl with your Sherwani to create a royal look. 

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