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Weddings or occasions of the modern era must require a modern outfit. The world is updating day by day. And, so the people’s dressing sense is. With this in mind, designer lehenga choli is mostly the preferred party dress or wedding dress in this modern era of south Asian weddings. For Sure, the intricate works on the lower part are the main attraction of this dress. Surprisingly, Deshi Besh has a variety of lehenga collections that can adorn women with beauty.

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In this modish generation, Lehenga has always been the best-chosen outfit to wear on any occasion or festival. Not to mention, Asians have many festivals, wedding rituals, and events, to attend. So, women admire the Lehenga as a fascinating attire. These are the perfect outfit to wear promptly on any occasion without hesitation.


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First, it has traveled a long way since the Mughals’ Reign. It is said that the lehenga was their basic outfit. But it has updated its features from time to time. Still, people admire the enchanted beauty of the lehenga on special occasions. At present, the lehenga is one of the most fashionable and gorgeous bridal outfits in the subcontinent.

Types of Designer Lehenga Choli in Modern Age

In like manner, Lehenga has a variation with its shape, design, color, and fabrics such as Lehenga choli, layered lehengas, full flared lehengas. Besides, with the variety of colors and other things, these are designed with heavy handwork with rich materials. For attending a party with a glossy look, Lehenga would help you to be more fashionable. At present, it has been popular globally and you can grab your Lehenga from online shopping at Deshi Besh. Have a look at some of the types that Deshi Besh offers you to get beautifully dressed.

Bridal Designer Lehenga Choli

Lehenga is considered a bridal outfit mostly. To put it differently, and provide you the modish bridal outfit, Deshi Besh holds their supreme quality bridal lehenga collection. When you gonna wear the premium lehenga in net and satin fabric, you are bound to get a royal look. To be sure, it will make your day a bit special.

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Designer Lehenga Choli in Suit Style

The mesmerizing designer outfits are always in the preference list of elegant people. Most of the designer lehengas are made of Satin Georgette, Butterfly net, Banglori Silk. Heavy embroidery is a unique feature of these lehengas. Honestly, with this Suit-style lehenga, you can have a glassy gaze on any occasion or party.

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Designer Lehenga Choli in Kameez Style

A different form of lehenga is the kameez style lehenga. The combination of the salwar suit and the lehenga gives both a traditional and fashionable outlook on any occasion. Kameez is a kind of outfit that always remains the first choice of ladies. The satin georgette kameez with net dupatta adorns you with a royal appearance.  All the collections are available here in Deshi Besh to assist you in choosing the best outfit for yourself.

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Designer Lehenga Choli in Saree Form

A saree is the basic and traditional priority in the Asian subcontinent. Right? What do you think? What can present a woman with beauty in a very fashionable way? Lehenga saree can be a worthy answer for that. It is a perfect combination of modern and traditional clothing that can give you the most gorgeous look on any occasion.

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Maintenance of Lehengas

With the evolution of time, the lehenga has become one of the most demanded outfits for parties and weddings among women. Well, the acceptance of the ancient outfit, as in the modern world choice let the people work on it to give a total revolution. Surely, it would match with the dressing choice of the modern people. As it is now made for very special occasions, it is made with heave embroidery work, soft and gorgeous fabrics. Because of the fabrics and delicate works, it requires proper maintenance and concern so that it won’t get damaged. Dry cleaning is a must for lehenga, otherwise, the heavy works will be torn and damaged. Also, it is required to keep the lehenga in a dry place wrapping with plastic and that’s when your most desired party outfit will remain unharmed.

Diversified Brands of Designer Lehenga Choli

Deshi Besh is full of women’s attire according to their taste and desire. So, they are providing Lehengas for women maintaining the color combination and variety of designs. You can find a colossal collection of Bridal wear lehenga, Glamour Mohini lehengas, Prachi Kaseeh Designer, Alizeh Heritage Designer Lehengas, Swagat snow bridal wear, Zoya sparkle party wear lehengas, Roopvati Lehenga choli, and so on. 

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Wearing lehengas, you can put on different types of hairstyles that go with your attire. You can find all these in an Indian store. Pakistani stores are nothing less as well. They both bring amazing branded lehenga collections as your party wear.

Notably, women’s personalities always appear on fashion trends. Deshi Besh is an online shopping place where your personality and lifestyle would get the real taste. Covering parties, attending events, going to festivals always rely on Lehenga. For sure, Lehengas at Deshi Besh has the best price variance with the design and you will meet the best online shop which is most trustworthy with the worth of price. Besides, they have all the collections with unique handwork and clothing quality as embroidery work, lace, patchwork, Resham, stone.  So there’s nothing to worry about, just grab the best ones that suit you.

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