Bridal Jewelry Checklist | Accessorise from Head to Toe Perfectly

You have the right to gleam like a queen on your memorable day, and you can shimmer from head to toe. Your wedding outfit is just an initial move towards ensuring you look shimmering on your big day. Past the outfit, your bridal jewelry should likewise be painstakingly chosen. Adornments effectively supplement your dress no matter its style, shape, and the custom joined to it and add class and excellence to your standpoint.

Your wedding jewelry is a centrepiece of frill, and seeing as it can make or blemish your standpoint, you can't bear to approach picking them softly. You should find an opportunity to get ready ahead with free jewelry pieces given your wedding lehenga. Whenever you select your wedding outfit, draw out a plan of jewelry pieces that work out positively for your chosen attire so as not to abandon any.

wedding jewelry

To assist you with selecting, we have toured the opinion market and organized a rundown of essential jewelry pieces you can decorate from head to toe for any occasion around your wedding.

Priorities Come First

A piece of jewelry is simply expected to supplement what is now there, and it isn't to supplant your wedding outfit yet to emphasize its magnificence. All things considered, supremacy ought to be given to picking your wedding outfit. From that point, you can now approach setting up your jewelry utilizing our agenda. While it is just a general rundown, comprehend that the jewelry you will use will be subject to your outfit (variety, shape, neck area, length, strapline, etc.). The following are eight fundamental bits of jewelry you ought to have for your wedding day.

simple Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry for The Head

Don't consider leaving your hair very much like that for your memorable day. It can be a Matha Patti or Maang Tikka, the Zardozi hair tie or a head chain, a Passa, a decorated hairpin, or a basic clasp. There is an entire assortment of jewelry parts to pick from.

While the Matha Patti gives a better frame to your face, the Maang Tikka causes you to notice your eyes. They can be matched with a Jhoomar for a far superior impact. The hairband embellishes your hair while the pin keeps your bun in shape. You can mess with your decision here, contingent upon your inclinations for what they are produced using. The best are brilliant jewelry, Kundan, Jadau, or Polki jewelry.


A Bindi is a traditional jewelry part of completing the Indian wedding look for the brides. You can go for either the simple one-toned bindi or the stone (embellished) bindi and use it across the brows.

Neck Jewel Pieces

Considering the neckline of your outfit, you can go for an enchanting necklace, and there is a variety of them, from bold chokers to Bib necklaces, sleek necklaces, Addigai, etc. Choosing the Rani haar can also go for more than just an ordinary necklace. This Indian Bridal neckpiece is inherently crafted with gold (it can also feature diamonds and gemstones). These neck accessories create a dazzling effect on your neck, so do not forget to add them to your list.

Neck Jewel Pieces

Matching Earrings

The earring usually comes hand in hand with the neckpiece. Earrings come in various sizes, weights, and shapes. Realising that you will be wearing it for a lengthy period, the idea is to go for something light and flexible that praises your other jewelry.


Nath- The Bridal Nose Rings

There is something classy and intrinsically traditional about nose rings. Don't be too bothered if you don't have a nose piercing, as there are clip-on nose rings that you can use for your special day.

Bangles- Hand Accessories

While picking jewelry for the hand, select just embellishments that wouldn't eclipse the excellence of your wedding ring. Hand bands include armbands, wristwatch, bangles, and flower Haath Phools. You can match your bangles to your wedding outfit and match it up regardless of the Haath Phools to give your hand a spectacular look. 

Dazzling Foot Accessories

The bridal anklet, traditionally known as Payal, alongside the toe rings, can also add to the beauty of the already adorned foot of the bride. The chime of the Payal bells announces the new bride's coming. If you plan to jewel up from head to toe, you can't leave these out.

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