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After waking up, the desire is to turn around for a while this afternoon by wearing a sari. How is it to get a traditional look with a sari? It seemed that nothing was arranged—a matching blouse with sari, makeup, jewelry, tiptop hair, heel shoes. Nowadays, the style of dress for Bengali girls has changed. In today's busy life, comfort and hassle are the two predominant outfits for today's Bengali outlook.

Now, of course, if you want to wear a sari, you don't have to be scared. Do not waste time thinking about whether there is starch or iron in the sari, whether there is a matching blouse or not. Whether it is a blouse bought from the market or an elevated blouse taken from the mother's cupboard, women wear a sari with a crop top or an effortless top.

Bangaliana | Rough Bengali Outlook

Many people are not going to bother with matching bangles, bags, and shoes with sarees. Not everyone wears jewelry that matches the sari. However, if you do not have time, many people avoid it. Hair bangs with saris, bangles on the hands are no longer necessary. A nose ring and a leather slipper, the diameter of which is full of many outfits. Some people only wear earrings, others wear necklaces with or without a sari, and others choose large wooden, stone, or stone rings.

Bengali Appearance with Saree

Even the trend of wearing a saree in a neat fold with a bunch of pins has decreased a lot. Now the girls are going out wearing a saree with a pin stuck in the hem or without a pin. Again, there is variety in choosing a saree. Nowadays girls are more inclined towards comfortable soft country sarees. There are various designs in sarees. There was block batik, now there is a trend of hand-painted sarees.

Saree has become a means of expressing personality. Songs or poems are coming up on the canvas of the saree. Never again the faces of eminent people. This trend of defining fashion not only in sarees but also in any outfit is going on. Whether it is a saree, shirt, tops or shirt, pants or skirt, no one seems willing to follow certain rules. Fashion now largely depends on personal likes and dislikes.

Mix & Match Bengali Looks

Fashion now largely depends on personal likes and dislikes. With the development of technology, today's girls keep pace with international fashion trends. So there is an effect of mix and match in clothes and cosmetics. Mix and match are most commonly seen in the use of pants, shirts, and T-shirts. Wearing harem pants or palazzo without pants or trousers with T-shirt or shirt. She is wearing colorful wood, beads, earthen or copper bracelets, nose rings, and forehead tips.

Fashion as a New Form of Bengali Outlook

Choosing a towel or "Gamcha" as a scarf. Some people keep that scarf around their heads like a turban without hanging it around their necks. It is now fashionable to follow one's own rules.

Show the Shoe Style

Today's women are keeping in mind the comfort aspect of choosing shoes as well as clothes. Sneakers are now very popular for comfort and ease of use. Many people wear sneakers not only with jeans but also with leggings, salwar kameez, or sarees. In the case of modern Bengali women, not a single outfit has changed and that is eye candy.

Makeover with Bengali Outlook

For many, this outfit doesn't work. Even though there are different colored Kajals, most of the girls still wear black kajal, which is like a very old traditional part of Bengali women's outlook.

Jewels to Get a Perfect Bengali Look

Touches of diversity are also predominant in jewelry selection. The girls are wearing jewelry of different colors and materials. Large or small garlands, bangles, earrings, and rings made of various seeds made of wood, clay, cowry, beads, jute, copper are popular among young women. There is no specific rule in the shape of this jewelry. Women are using it as they like. The trend of wearing nose rings has been seen for several years. Someone is wearing a nostril or someone is choosing more than one nostril. The outlook reflects the personality of a woman; it varies from person to person.

The countrified glamour of the Bengali culture never neglects to delight people. Perhaps the most extravagant culture in the Indian subcontinent. For sure, the style advancing has the power to bring colors and intricate designs.

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