Add These Indian Salwar Kameez to Your Closet for Refreshing Summer Vibe

For women, the salwar kameez is quintessential daily wear, and their closet is incomplete without this Indian attire. Doesn't matter what the occasion is; most women desire to adorn this outfit. Whether it's a regular day at the office, a school uniform, a wedding, a pooja, a festive celebration, or simply a dinner, the Indian salwar kameez is one of their top choices. 

 Indian Salwar Kameez

This garment is mainly worn in the Northern states of India. Initially, it is a three-piece ensemble with a kameez, a long shirt or tunic, a salwar (Pants), or the bottom, and a dupatta to drape over the outfit. It is a lovely combination that has developed over the decades. Today, the attire has become designer wear. Several prominent Indian designers include this gorgeous Indian staple wear in their collection and reviving the trend.


Exclusive Salwar Kameez Collection

Today, designer salwar kameez are available in various styles, from regular to party wear. This apparel makes perfect occasion wear with trendy structure and grand elements like shine and shimmer, zardozi, Zari, sequence, and lace works. Depending on the scale of events, these latest salwar kameez designs are created to suit the needs and preferences of the wearer. You have a vast range of styles to choose from a heavily embellished one to a sober salwar suit. You can even try various styles, cuts, designs, bottom wear, etc.


A wide variety of salwar suits also includes a combination of the fabric. Salwar kameez comes in multiple fabrics like chiffon, georgette, cotton, crepe, silk, organza, tulle, net, brocade, etc. This outfit's flexibility, versatility, and adaptability are the aspects that make it so popular. Today's avatar of the new salwar kameez is all about comfort and style. Short Kurtis for casual wear and floor-touch cut for festive occasions are classic examples of evolved versions of this outfit.

Meanwhile, the dupatta has taken a backseat, and women are ditching them for a casual look or even replacing them with capes, jackets, boleros, and more. Below we have a few exclusive salwar kameez designs to add to your vast collection and stay ahead in your fashion game.

Floral Embroidered Fabric 

Whether you plan an attire for a festive wedding function or simply a regular day at work, nothing is more graceful than an Indian salwar suit with floral embroidery work. Floral patterns are a part of Indian ethnic wear from time immemorial. Florals are synonymous with femininity, and the delicate patterns can enhance feminine allure instantly and make the woman look like a goddess. The latest trends make floral patterns look gorgeous in pastel or light hues of bright colors like dusty pink, coral red, icy blue, salmon, peach, sage green, rose gold, and more.


Jacket Over Suit

Another impressive addition to your wardrobe is the jacket-style salwar kameez. This ensemble has all the aspects of majesty and extra oomph. A long-style or short-style jacket, whichever you prefer, can be paired with any type of salwar suit for perfect occasion wear. You can either go for a matching coat or buy a contrasting kind and create a statement look. Jackets in silk, brocade, phulkari, Chikankari, or khadi can be ideal for going with the Indian salwar kameez.


Cape Sleeves Salwar Suit

You can add a dramatic hint to your look with cape sleeves in your salwar kameez. You can ditch the dupatta and go for extra-long sleeves that hang behind as a dupatta looks. Sheer and embellished ponchos look marvelous and can give a trendy twist to your traditional attire. Make sure that your cape is the focal point with gorgeous embellishments and elements of exquisite.

 Cape Sleeves in Salwar Suit

Anarkali with Lehenga

Did you ever imagine pairing an Indian kameez with a Lehenga (skirt)? Oddly, it is an absolutely delightful combination that women with elegant taste are choosing. It makes for an exquisite designer salwar kameez that can be worn on various occasions. The volume of skirts and Anarkali adds to the finery of the outfit and makes the wearer look like a royal queen.

 Lehenga Suit

Flared Palazzo with Embellished Crop Tops

Another trend worth mentioning in the list of top salwar suit designs is flared palazzo with an adorned crop top. Not as usual as a traditional salwar suit, but this fashion wear is an ideal scintillating addition to your cupboard. With flared and voluminous palazzo pants, duo up a crop top finished crafted on delicate fabrics and embellished with applique work and intricate embroidery. This trend is stylish and flawless, and it is loved by the younger generation that wants to create a unique look.

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