A Sweet Treat in This Eid Festive with Easy Shopping

Where Covid-19 is still forcing us to stay home, in-store shopping will be a daydream. Still, new clothes are a must in Eid festive. So, online shopping is the only choice for us this year. Indeed, we don't trust online shops that much with our bitter experiences from the past. Luckily, Deshi Besh is here for you with its vast collection of men's and women's wear. Once you purchase from Deshi Besh, you won't be able to resist buying more from them. For now, let us have a look at some dresses, and you can decide whether you want them or not.

Eid Festive Mood With Pakistani Ready to Wear Salwar Suits

Pakistani fashion brands have come up with various designs for this year's Eid. They are comfortable, classy, and surprisingly budget-friendly. Furthermore, You will have the 100% original dress directly from the brand. What will stun you more is, the Salwar Suits are all ready for you. You need to order it and wait for your dress to fly over to your doorstep. 

The brand Charizma designed its dresses in a way that you will look elegant and feel relaxed. The Lawn top Kameez will give you a soft touch. In the meantime, the embellishment of heavy embroidery and handwork will add glam to your outlook. Well, the Dupatta is worthy of admiration. The Organza Jacquard Dupatta perfectly complements the embroidery work of the dress. Just order your size and, boom, your Eid shopping is done.

Another beautiful dress from the brand Tawakkal Fabrics for you black lovers. The designer embroidered Lawn dress is classic for night parties. The top Lawn Kameez has a woven Zari check work that will add a shimmer to the dress. The multicolored prints, embroideries, and handworks are adding colors to that Kameez. It also complements the Chiffon Dupatta. The dress also has a few detail works that make the dress funkier.

You can try out a Salwar Suit that is directly from Deshi Besh. Cotton Kameez, Dupatta, and trousers with prints and embroideries will be super comfortable for you. You can carry it to small home parties in the daytime. Moreover, after Eid, you can wear it for daily use.

Saree- A Sweet Treat For This Eid

Saree is the outfit that gives you a festive mood instantly. This Eid, you can treat yourself with six yards of love. For friends' outings, family get-togethers, a Saree can be your ultimate choice. Soft, lightweight Sarees will be comfortable for you on this rainy Eid. How about a Half Silk Saree? 

This Leaf Green Saree with a hint of Blue in Pallu will give you a fresh and soothing vibe. There are embroidery and block prints all over the Saree to enhance the elegance. You can not ignore the Red Lacework at the border of the Saree. It adds little details to your overall appearance.

Eid Festive Outfits- Saree

Look at this lovely Sky blue Cotton Silk Saree. It can be your ultimate comfort in this mixed weather. The weather is now a little hot and damp. That's why you should choose a breathable fabric like Cotton. The best part of the Saree is its block design. As the fabric is Cotton mixed with Silk, it gets easier to manage the Saree. 

A Dupion Silk Saree can be another option for you. It will look heavenly gorgeous at night parties with the shimmery vibe in it. On top of that, you will have Block print, Embroidery, Tassels, Dollar works. You are going to have a stellar look this Eid festive with a Saree like this. Deshi Besh has a lot of colors in this design. You can visit the website and pick your best one from there.

Kurti- Easy Shopping, Easy Wearing

There is nothing easier to style than a Kurti. It is an outfit that fits every occasion, every time, day or night, every season. You can't go wrong wearing a Kurti. So, how about a Kurti this Eid? Let's check out some branded Kurtis from Pakistan. 

The brand Adan's Libas has a unique Kurti design in its Eid collection. The Schiffli Embroidered Kurti is in demand now. You also can opt for this Kurti for your Eid celebration. Eid is not only for a single day. You can wear a Schiffli Embroidered Kurti the very next day of Eid. 

Eid Festive Outfits- Kurti

The brand Bin Saeed knows that girls love it when an outfit is available in Velvet fabric. Keeping this in mind, the designers came up with an idea for Velvet Kurti. You can rock your Eid night in a cozy yet glamorous Velvet Kurti. You can casually sit while enjoying the rooftop BBQ party with your friends. 

Panjabi, The Eid Vibe For Men

All the attention is going to girls' outfits. Boys must be getting jealous of it. No worries, all the handsomes out there. It's time for you now. Is there any outfit that can beat a Panjabi? I don't think so. Moreover, what else can you wear for Eid prayer? You will have a fresh and clean appearance with a light color Block printed Panjabi in this Eid festive. 

For night parties, you can choose a Jacquard Kurta Pajama. It will give you a chic and classy vibe. Besides, try to pick bright colors that will be glowy enough for nighttime. If you want something bolder, you can add a prince coat over your Kurta or Panjabi. It will be stylish and obviously make you look more gracious.

Hopefully, this Eid will be our last Eid in this kind of limitation and insecurity. Again, we will celebrate Eid together. We will go shopping and will have fun doing parties all night. But this Eid, let's do our shopping online for our safety. Our safety should be the first priority, after all. Let Deshi Besh be a part of your happiness. And yes, probably Deshi Besh will change your thought about online shopping and give you the best shopping experience ever. Stay safe and healthy with your beloved family and friends, and enjoy this Eid to your fullest. 

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