6 Bridal Lehenga Color Combinations That Brides Will Love

Around the world, fashion reconnects with culture and legacy, providing a sense of home, even for those far away. This is particularly true when it comes to festivals and occasions like weddings. Here trendy twists and traditions can play a significant role in the celebration. One such piece is the lehenga Choli, an outfit frequently worn for special events like weddings. It is easy to style and customize, meaning brides-to-be can create a unique and chic final look for a day they'll never forget. To bring you some of the best bridal lehenga color combinations for brides that will rule this year, we've curated this blog, and it will make you go weak in the knees.

Bridal Lehenga Color Combination

Scroll below and screenshot the lehenga color combinations that call to your heart!

When it's time to find that perfect bridal lehenga for your wedding, look no further than Deshi Besh. We store clothing that feels like home, whether you've returned to your loved ones for the wedding or celebrating with a new community.

What Is a Lehenga?

The lehenga is a multi-piece outfit comprising of an enormous skirt that usually arrives down to the lower legs, a fitted pullover called a choli, and a dupatta scarf, for additional style and tastefulness.

There are wide ranges of shapes and styles in a lehenga, and a few varieties incorporate the A-line, erupted, mermaid, and trail. You might, in fact, track down a variety of lehenga with pants on the base instead of a skirt.

Lehengas are worn for happy and fundamental festivals, similar to occasions, weddings, and gatherings, and are often decorated in beadwork and crochet. They are additionally accessible in various materials, including velvet, georgette, and silk. These pieces genuinely stick out, and that implies ladies make sure to amaze in their custom and customized lehengas when the day comes.

Lehenga Choli Color Combinations Brides Will Fall for

Of course, another way to truly customize your bridal lehenga is through color. The right shades and color medleys can complement your natural palette and carry out the wedding décor and florals.

Look at some of our top picks for lehenga color combinations that trendy brides will love. 

Gold and Red- The Classic Color Contrast

If a classic red lehenga is more to your style, you will adore the combination of red and gold for your bridal lehenga. Another jewel-toned shade that's perfect for the cooler months of the year is this heavier lehenga made with Coding, Thread, Zari embroidery, Cutwork, and Stone works on net fabric that showcases the exquisite pattern below. 

The gold is relatively modest on the lehenga itself, with elegant trim designs along the hem and some more minor embellishment on the bottom of the choli. The dupatta's sheer red fabric is where the gold thread borders shine brightest. The bold but classy edge and detailed patterns make the wedding day look both elevated and unique. 

The neckline is more like a deep V-neck, so some brides may wish to wear gaudy necklaces and show off their collection of designer earrings, bracelets, and rings. Gold jewelry and Kundan set are the perfect matches here.

Gold and Green- Bold Color Combo

Dark green is the ideal shade for a winter wedding, though it looks elegant when set against a colorful blooming floral background. Emerald is a vibrant tone that counteracts well with gold threadwork found at the hem and edges of the dupatta. 

With a golden and dark green lehenga, you can also expect sheer sleeves with explicit golden thread and Zari embroidery work at the wrists. The choli also has an embellished neckline at the hem for a chic final look that exudes grace. This color combination looks pleasing with green and gold Pearl or Kundan jewelry, which means plenty of options for the big day.

Pink and Off-White- Fresh Hues

Obviously, the ideal wedding lehenga ought to match the season, and assuming that you're getting hitched in the spring or summer, this off-white and pink flower-enlivened lehenga is the best decision for you. Delicate, pink, and golden floral patterns add a genuinely natural focus to the more discreet style, and the essentially molded choli permits the blossoms to represent themselves. White is generally a Western marriage tone, so this lehenga choice could speak to ladies arranging a combination wedding.

While this might be a search for more moderate ladies, pink and white is a famous variety blend ideal for warm-climate festivities. 

Beige and Pink- Soothing Effect 

One more peak choice to select from is the beige and pink lehenga accessible here at DeshiBesh. A radiant pink stands apart from a dusty beige shade, and hazier pink and gold enumerating at the sew adds surface and layering.

The dupatta has an exemplary gold and dark casing with rich trimmed specifying. The choli top is flawlessly delivered in globule and mirror work, with an in-vogue open-back design. At this point, when spread out, this beige and pink lehenga gives the impression of plumage and regular excellence.

Blue and Pink- Standard Color Combination

For winter weather weddings, a blue and pink color combination keeps things festive while still embracing the seasonal hues. The detailed works of this lehenga are on choli, the lehenga's hem, and the dupatta's delicate wave-like pattern. 

Hot pink is a standout color, but it's well-tempered by the blue and the elements of beadwork and threadwork. Hot pink and blue lehengas are ideal for any special event for fans of statement-making styles and unique colors.

Hot Pink and Yellow- Spring Vibe 

Another bright and enchanting color combination for your spring or summer weddings is a hot pink and yellow lehenga. It's a compelling choice for an exciting celebration and perfectly blends the best of both colors to create a unique design. 

Bridal Lehenga Color Combo

You'll love the intricate floral patterns, the gold detailing around the hem and waist, and the intricate design on the choli. A delicate yellow dupatta with gold trim pulls the whole look together.

The most memorable day of your life calls for an outfit that makes you feel confident, happy, and bonded to your culture and heritage. That's where a colorful and luminous bridal lehenga choli can come in and where you get to pick the best colors, fabrics, and types that go with your personality.

No matter your bridal lehenga color combo preference, you're sure to find the perfect one right here at Deshi Besh. Our mission is to match these trendy brides with traditionally enlightened dresses that allow them to connect with loved ones while still representing their personal identity and originality.

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